mercredi 26 mars 2008

When Angela Merkel talked wise befor the I. Knesset

Today, and for the first time on this blog, I am here to report about a Palestinian concern made in Arabic on an arabic website.I browsed nights and days to find anything in French, British, or Latin expressing the same, or at least disgust about statements of hatred , I found none. No interesting comments were made on her eloquence or extremist words. Some Palestinians, said they were outraged to hear what they heared from Angela Merkel. But in any case , no clear position was stated by western critics after this event. Can we guess that the case is to forcast many other cases of extremist support for Israel, during its 60th anniversary celebrations ? As if , there's nothing immoral in showing support with hatred. Diplomacy has always been of a western culture, why is it then, that fierce approach is blowing in Europe?This very intelligent woman, compared in European media to Thatcher's, escaped the dilemma of her intervention which was supposed to be said in German before the Knesset, since the language itself recalls so many horrible things to the ears of the victims of Nazzis. So she made a very big mistake when she wished officially that her freinds in Israel would starve to keep their state Jewish...which is a clear invitation to carry on further ethnic cleansing. Israelis are turning what remains of Palestine to huge miserable camps. Settlements are expanding, and now. Snipers have reportedely killed more children than elders, during the last blockade on Gaza.
85./. of underground Palestinian waters are used by Israelis, the remaining part is not good for use. It is polluted, and there's no chlore to clean it, no medication is entering to cure disease and no products are there to struggle against painful disease or war injuries. Existing hospitals are unable to face the local demands. Not to mention the lack of food, and big threats are to come to destroy the weak existing subsidiaries of agriculture and food products. No programs for electricity, no industry, no artifacts. Palestinians are dying slowly...To talk that way to a people causing another people 's death is hard to analyze. I cannot see its purpose, because I tend to understand more the Palestinian concern , and find it harder to understand the urgent need to encourage lies. May be it is a kind of a spiritual mind towards the weak victims of the past, so that they can feel themselves strong by crushing other weaker entities... Or it might be our weakness to always support the strong offenders...We cannot consider it like US actions, because the latter has always shown a biased position towards Israelis. Although Germany is still paying compensation to the victims of nazism, this is the new official German position.
WHat Israelis are awaiting from Palestinians, is first to see them kneel before Israeli demands, and isolating them from external world. Secondly, it is is making pressure on Abbas government to isolate and weaken Hamas and erase any idea of resistance leading to independance .

The main point is that this statement is made by a non Arab figure, if Arabs or Muslims have declared such insane words against Israelis, the fuss would have been about global anti-semitism.But this is another story.

Some facts about the Lady:"Merkel is a Protestant, originating from predominantly Protestant northern Germany, while the CDU is a male-dominated, socially conservative party with deep Catholic roots, and has its strongholds in western and southern Germany"."Merkel came out in favour of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, describing it as "unavoidable" and accusing Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of anti-Americanism."

In her 2007 speech to the Europen Parliament, she said :
" It is vital that Europe remembers that freedom is not something which can be achieved once and for all. Freedom has to be won anew almost every day. And freedom does not stand alone. It is inextricably linked with responsibility.When we speak of true freedom, therefore, we are actually always speaking of the freedom of others.Or we can say in Voltaire's famous words, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.""

"I therefore state quite clearly that Europe must never show the least understanding for intolerance, for violence perpetrated by right-wing or left-wing extremists, for violence in the name of a religion. Tolerance sounds its own death knell if it does not protect itself from intolerance. In the words of Thomas Mann, "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil." Tolerance without acceptance of intolerance is what makes us humane."

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